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These two handsome guys are the next big thing coming outta the naija music scene,talented,handsome,got lyrics and sound to keep you on your feet all night.
They are coming out with there album next year and you need to watch out for it.
THE BRIDGE..................

Tell us the brief history of your group?
The Bridge, a decade and 2 years old group formed at C A C oke-itura when the members were very young with limited musical proficiency. Within seven years, they released 2 songs titled "HelplessCry" and "my Home".The group has performed at different concerts and shows.
The Bridge does AFro POP/Rock/RnB, the group at everytime takes STRONG/DEEP lyrics into consideration when writing their songs.

 Induvidual names of the group members and stage names?
 Kosoko Adekunle (adekunleGOLD)
 Bakare Michael (Seyikeyz)

 School Background?
 adekunleGOLD is a graduate of Lagos state polytechnic with HND in Graphics
 Seyikeyz finished from NIIT, Nigeria and will be continuing with middlesex university.

 What are your dreams and goals?
 We hope to be Nigeria's finest group, singing songs that will be heard all over the world.

Who writes your songs?
 We write our songs and some by a friend named Tayo Imabeh.

How has the acceptance like?
Not bad, we get comments from people that we are doing great.

How do you promote your your group?
Social media mostly

Signed to any label yet?

Tell us about your singles?  
Make it happen featuring gttheguitarman has a video and its been on air since last year
NormBreaker featuring skales.Enjoying airplay and over 10,000 downloads in 2 weeks after the released date. We are releasing 2 new singles soonest too....

When is your album coming out?
Next year

How many tracks?

Who are the people you are going to be featuring?
We already have skales, Gt, we'd have Tiwa savage, M.i, 2face,Asa and Bez

Name for the album yet?
We cant tell yet

What inspires you to do what you do?
God, Just God  

How does music affect you and the world around you?
Music solves a lot of problems, yeah good music.

What are the biggest obstacles for group?
Sponsorship, because we dont have a record deal yet alot of things arent really easy to acheive...

Dream collabo?
The Bridge ft taylor Swift or Brandy

The girls?
 ....hehe, they are there.....(smiles) 

Naija music scene?
Music used to be Art in this country but at the moment its really not, alot of budding singers cant even sing meaningful songs to save themselves, but thank God for great artistes that still abound making great music for us to learn from.

Last word.....
Y'all should watch out for the bridge as we bring you great music and we need your supports and prayers. Thanks

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