Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Dona Diva is a talented young lady,a singer,fashion designer and also got interest in production.
She won a competition in london and never looke back since then.
Expect so much more from this Diva.

Donna Adja but stage name Donnadiva

 Am from ABRAKA ethiope east in Delta state an urhobo girl. Am from a family of 10, six boys four girls, i started music at the age of 15 in church like every one else lol! from there i moved to Warri and to Lagos to continue. I started from the studio and then live band i played at the Sheraton hotel ikeja for 5years plus but i have to stop my band cos it was hindering me from travelling out of the country for my shows.
I have travelled all over the world for shows..places like, Australia, Uk, Dubai, Ghana and many more after living in d Uk a few months i decided to come back home and start my music career fully.

Why music? 
Ok music is been part of me since i was a child and i found out i love and enjoy doing it than any other thing, and i found out again that ill be waisting my time working for some1 when i can work for myself and be happy at thesame time.

How will you describe you kind of music?
My kind of music is a liitle bit of everything. My album is going to have Rock, Pop, Afro and all kind of music to spice it up don't like doing just one pattern of music thats y, but the Shut up song is pop.

As a child growing up,what kind of music do u listened to?
As a child growing up i listened to all sort of music India, blues, rock and every lol!

What was the first song you ever wrote?
The first song i wrote is a rock song called THIS WORLD
My new single titled shut up! is a song i wrote for negative minded people. People who think you are not good enough for anything, people who think you can't make it in life, people who always criticise. I believe everybody is beautiful in one way or the other so, thats why i wrote the song.

Tell us about your new single?
The concept behind my video is angry girls saying ENOUGH! lol! is not not to show booty or sexiness is just shut up! is a tomboy thing and dance just different tho..

When did you realised you wanted to pursue music?
I realised like 6months ago..have been doing live band for 5year but, just for fun and the cash lol! but i started really thinking of coming out when a went for a competition in London called THE SURFACE FESTIVAL we got to the 3rd position and my manager Goerge added Diva to my name and advice i take it from behind the scene..I had a very long thought so, here i am.

When is your album coming out?
Hmmm maybe next year as i still have 2 more singles to drop.

Your favorite nigerian song?
Ill love to work with my Boss 2baba 2face.. Dbang, lots even female artist too Tiwa, asha,lots of them.
Only me by 2face, jailer asha, oliver dbang, love me tiwa, bros them plenty ooo lol!

How much creative control do you have over your music?
Over creative.

As a lady,how do you cope with obstacles?
Well i cope with prayers oo somthing i cry tho when things and stuffs i really heavy on me but, i know ill get there and i know nothing good comes easy

Aside music,what else do you have interest in?
I have interest in Fashion and production. All the costumes in my video was costomised by me, and then i produce too so using those two too.

What record label are you signed on to?
I just got a management deal with an international company called ''DOUBLE A'' that's all for now am
not signed to any record label yet but, am getting offers now and am thinking bout them.

Any club tour,state or international tour yet?
Yes yes! am doing a club tour in PH next week, i have a show coming up in LAGOS called DONNADIVA LIVE ,am going to be performing with my Band, and in U.S.A and HOLLAND next month so we are planing.

What is your dream colabo?
Colabo..2face, Dbang, Tiwa, Asha with Zee again lol!

Your opinion about the naija music scene?
My opinion. Am happy we are growing and learning to appreciate our music

Your relationship with the other artiste,especially the female artistes?
Well the ones i know we relate well

Only God will help us.

 i want to thank all my fans who are supporting and encouraging me in everyway my prayer is God will never leave u or forsake u. Remember to put God first and don't let any body bring u down big or small, rich or poor. You can be anything u want with God , hard work, giving, and prayers.. thank u so much i love u all..but make the right choices.

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