Monday, 6 August 2012


Paul and Peter Okoye aka PSQUARE are one of the best dancers in the naija music industry,if not the best i have seen around,but there is someone who takes them through all this routines,who is the main man behind all the sick dance moves we all see in their videos and on stage and then we go wow...

DON FLEXX the ever flexible, the man behind the sick and breathe taking moves......

What is your name?
Asobe Nonso Cajetan

Imo State Amiri Oru East Local Govt.

Why dance?
First of all its God's given talent,and I'm grateful for it,So I choose to develop  it. No regrets.

Your first time on stage?
My first time on stage was 13yrs ago with my first ever Dance group ;"IGNYTE", We performed at a talent hunt in church and then we came first after the whole experience.

The reaction of your parents when you decided to start dancing?

My Dad was not supportive at first back then compared to my Mum who was always there,but my Old Man came around after seeing what I've achieved 4 myself with DANCE.
As a child growing up,what kind of music do u listened to?
I loved listening to foreign driving Music then;specially most RnB and HipHop, I still do,only difference is I've included good Naija Music to my listening pleasure.

How did you meet P SQUARE?
I met PSQUARE in late 2006 at Rhythm Unplugged,After my performance on Stage with My Dance Group,they Met me back stage and commended me and the group,and then they gave me their home address in ilupeju to come....Peter gave me 3days indirect task of putting up a Minute Acceptable Routine on one of their Songs from their GET SQUARED Album(Your Name), I did it in 2days and presented it to them, they were impressed,and that was how I became part of the crew...A year after,I became the Chief Choreographer.

How has it being working with them?
For Me its been an Adventurous Experience working with them;basically working with them has led to my upgrade when it comes to creating routines,I can't afford to put up something less appealing,and its been working for me so far these years; been touring all around the World with them,and I must Conclude by saying it was an AWESOME experience.
People see dancers as a drop out,what do you have to say to that?
I guess people back then choose to see dancers as a drop out because for me Dance started basically in the Streets, and you know dance has to do with expressing how you feel within; so some might turn out in an unusual way to the eyes,specially when displayed passionately,some opinions go as far as saying dancers take drugs to get hyper on stage(blind opinion)....but then that does not mean Such Dancer is a drop out. Its just a God given talent driven with passion. Musicians were once accused of this before, but I thank God for 21st Century,things are beginning to turn around based on this Opinion.Dance has now become an Occupation one can identify with.

As a chereographer,do you have any kind of diet?
Not really, I eat anything that taste good,but I do observe my weight tendencies by working out every day to keep fit by all means.

Your favorite video of all time?
My  favorite Video of All time is deffinately the Legendary Late Michael Jackson's THRILLER video.
Tell us about your best moves?
I have several best moves,few of them if you know me well is Knee Dance(Leg moves;typical of Me) and Dancing with Caps(very motivating for Me).
How did you learn how to dance?
Basically I'll say I didn't learn how to dance,its a God given talent like I mentioned earlier,However I would say I learned how to Choreograph by watching lot of foreign dance movies and videos.

Your favorite stage performance of all time?
Wow I have loads of them,but I'll choose PSQUARE's INVASION Concert Performance that we had to create an Electrifying illusion on Stage,Some Sick Act!

Who are the dancers you look up to?
Dancers I really look up to basically are Wade Robinson,Dave Scott,Usher,Omarion and of course Late Michael Jackson.

Anyone you looking up to working with in the future?
Sure! Basically anyone listed above except for Late MJ.
Tell us about your single?
My first Single Titled MAMAMIYA ft Shugaboi was more like a test run for me to get a feel of the music Industry,it has a video as well,but I must say it hasn't been easy,specially when you working alone. However despite Critics,it motivates me to come up with something better which I intend to do soon....I have other singles coming up soon,and God's Willing I hope the World will embrace it #GodIsAble.

So you want to stage a career in music or what?
Yes! Along side my dance I intend to...

Any plans working abroad?
Well you never know,anything is possible,I prefer to keep a suspense and be hopeful to God.

Any obstacles you come across as a dancer?
The only Obstacle I see is not yet sealing a major endorsement deal with any company or organization. I believe Dancers/Choreographers Who have been in the Game for long and still Keeping up should be recognized with this.
Do you have a school where you teach people how to dance?
No I don't have a Dance School;because Dance School is a Whole lot of responsibility in the real Sense if u ask me,but preferably I'll say I have a private Dance rehearsal ground where I do my business and of course attend to any of my clients.

Do you think naija dancers can hold there heads high anywhere in the world?
Of Course! Why not? We've come a long way if you can agree with me,and what it is right now is not like before,we just need to achieve more for ourselves.

What is your relationship with other dancers?
I would say my relationship with other dancers are more or less Jovial; some look up to me,and I hope for a divine Unity with all Naija Dancers soonest! because that's the only way forward to hold Our Ground.

Any awards so far?
Any award? yeah,but I won't call it major awards because the industry haven't been consistent with Awards when it comes to Dancers.

Killing the industry and the government really need to help the industry.

Words for your fans.
To all my Sincere Fans out there even on facebook,twitter,skype and also bbm too lol. I truly appreciate everybody for believing and being there for me, and I hope to see everyone of you achieve and fulfill your dreams too; all you need is Determination,Passion,Focus,
Belief and most importantly Prayers! Leave the rest to God for He's the author and finisher of what is meant to be! God bless you all. One love. DONflexx Signing out #GodIsAble.


  1. dance na d main thing..flex welldone

  2. I'm proud of you Nonso! I hope y'all also know that this Nucca is a 2.1 graduate of M.comm :D *leave the thanks.

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  4. Great Job Sir FLEX
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