Wednesday, 31 October 2012


This beautiful lady is one of naija next big thing when its comes to entertainment,jummy is a talented actress,good looking,funny,and knows what she wants when its comes to production,she recently produced her own movie called MABO.
We sat down and had this interesting interview....

My name is Adejumoke Aderounmu

Educational background?
I attended St. Bernerdettes Private school, Abeokuta Girls' Grammar School and Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife respectively.

How did you get involved in Acting?
Acting for me was a coincidence, everyone around me including my lecturers in school thought I could do it and I got lucky when my friend's house was being used to shoot Okun Ife Yi in 2007, went with my friend to her house in Ibadan and I got lucky to get a nurse role after the person that was supposed to play the role refused to show up.

Your first role as an actress?
My first role was a nurse in Okun ife Yi and it was fun.

How many movies have you featured in?
I have featured in a couple of movies, lost count actually.

What was your first film like?
My first movie was fun unlike some people, I didn't have camera/star fright, I just did my thing and everybody thought I had acted before because they said I acted well, the Encouragement I got made me want to do more movies.

What was your experience on the set of ARUGBA?
ARUGBA's experience was a once in a life time experience, I learnt a lot and I was privileged to meet with professionals, TK called me for the role at the time I least expected and I was very happy to work with him.

Who are the actors you always want to work with?
I have always wanted to work with all the talented Actors in the industry and I've been able to work with some, I hope to work with others soon enough. I would want to work with every talented actor in the industry.

What do you learn from your senior colleagues?
I have learnt to be punctual on set and deliver roles spontaneously from my senior colleagues through working with them on set.

Have you produced any movie?
I produced my first movie in May this year and it's still at the editing at the moment, it's titled MABO.

Who are your favorite actors and actress in naija?
My favourite Nigerian Actors would be Aunty Joke Silva, Genevieve Nnaji, Toyin Aimakhu, Omoni Oboli, Un Olu Jacobs, Gabriel Afolayan, Bimbo Akintola.

Your favorite naija movie of all time?
My favourite Nigerian Movie of all time is Madam Dearest.

Where do you get inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from God almighty.

What else do u do aside acting?
Apart from Acting, I am a TV personality, working on my TV show at the moment, and I'll soon start a job as an OAP at Concert Radio(an online Radio in Nigeria) I have always wanted to be on Radio and include it in my Profile.

Tell us about your tv show?
My TV show is in process, it's a variety show of style and fashion, celebrity interviews and behind the scenes/reality show on one of our top music artiste, (I don't want to mention his name yet).it's strictly an entertainment show. I'm recording the first quarter soon by God's grace and it would start airing as soon as it is ready.

People say u talk to much in movies,why?
LMAO! If anyone says I talk too much in movies, then it's their opinion and I can't change it but I do not talk too much, my senior colleagues and directors are even more of the opinion that I have more of reactions, so people have different opinions.

Have you done any English movie?
I am a cross over actor, I act both English and yoruba movies and I have done some English movies as well.

Tell us one thing you will love to change in nollywood.
What I would love to change about the industry should show more in my works and that's what I intend doing.

Words for your fans.
Words for my fans? *suprised* wow... do I have fans already? I'm not a celeb o! I'm a G!.....but I say a very big thank you to everyone who has supported me all the way and to those who believed in me when no one did, I love everyone who likes what I do and those who constructively critic my work as well, it's for me to improve and be better. God bless y'all and I am more than humbled to have your support.


  1. Ride on babes, God bless you and enrich ur talent more.

  2. Jumoke I remember you from OAU, this is really nice. God go make u bigger. The sky is ur starting point.

  3. Yaaay ma frend my frend!the top is ur space n tats where u going!a dynamite going to high places to exxplode

  4. I said it! She has finally been spoted!! I saw her first in the movie The UnWritten and I loved her immediately. Go girl we love you too...

  5. We hope she won't loose focus like some of her colleagues, she is a pretty girl indeed. Pls try to be scandal free. Good luck to you. Waiting for your take over.

    1. Amen she wont.. She sure knwz wat she want.

  6. Nice one, good luck.

  7. Lol... Yes fans and Ayam one of them.. Great talent.. Evrytin is in her. More of God's Grace, blessing and Favour.. Want her to shake nollywood.. Hehe. Correct G.

  8. Jumoke is finally taking over....can't wait o! And pls can I meet her? I love her too.

  9. She is not following her fans on twitter, she needs to be more interactive. She looks young and pretty.

  10. Jumoke of life!God BleSs ur grind hun...she's a ghenghen G!haha love much n more grease to ur elbows :*


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