Friday, 22 February 2013


Sheyi ashekun is a beautiful,talented actress,seen some of her movies and this is the next big thing in acting,she has featured in so many series and movies and got a lot of experience in the industry..
She is jovial,hardworking and also got talent in catering.hmmmmmm i love that...
We sat down and had this chat....

Rakaiyah Oluwasheyi Temitope Ashekun simply known as Sheyi Ashekun (Please note the spellings as they are very important)

Educational background?
Command children School Bony Camp
Reagan Memorial Baptist girls Secondary School
Babcock University

How did you get involved in Acting?
Started in 2006 when I got a role in Life secrets.

Your first role as an actress?
In the soap opera, Life secrets 2006

How many movies have you featured in?
Quite a number, I don't like counting them

What was your first film like?
It was beautiful, quite easy, no intimidation, no fear at all.

What was your experience on your first movie set?
 I go to learn that Acting is a lot of work, requires so much..

Who are the actors you always want to work with?
Muyiwa Ademola, because he encourages me and he assures me I can do it; Odun Adekola because he is not afraid to tell you when he is fascinated by you(like he told me on the set of Mufu Olosha Oko) and that is a very strong encouragement which you seldom get as an upcoming artiste, most people don't want to tell you you are good so other people don't notice you; Femi Adebayo because with him, acting just flows naturally, we worked together on the set of Onika Mesan and he treated me like an equal, not a junior colleague. From him I learned a new definition to the word "Humility". I will forever be grateful to these people for never looking down on me and for making me feel I was doing something meaningful.

What do you learn from your senior colleagues?
HMm! Different things. We learn different things from different people. From observing some people, you know the kind of person you never want to be.

Have you produced any movie?
No. Not yet

Who are your favorite actors and actress in naija?
Let me start by declaring I LOVE Mercy Johnson, her acting is...out of this world; I will always LOVE Omotola Jalade(she was one of those who made this job appealing to me), Funke Akindele is a beautiful and talented actress, to her, acting comes as naturally as breathing; I love watching Toyin Aimakhu, she understands this job so well and when u watch her, u know she understands what she is doing; I Love RMD but then, who doesn't

Your favorite naija movie of all time?
Lagos Girls by Sunny Ali

What else do u do aside acting?

Have you done any English movie?
English Soap opera Yes! Life secrets, Bridges, Private Sector and some others

Tell us one thing you will love to change in nollywood.
I believe everyone should be paid(well paid) for the work they have done. People say the love of money is the root of Evil, let's think what the lack of money can bring out of people.

Who is the lucky guy?
 For now my God is my boyfriend o.....

Words for your fans.
Without you beautiful people I can't claim to be an actress. I thank you so much for making my life and my Job worthwhile. Keep requesting that you see Sheyi Ashekun in the home Videos you buy and though I am human and can not be flawless, thank you for loving me anyway and I promise I will as far as my human nature can allow me, never let you down


  1. Yep she's one of the best in the industry, her ability to interprete roles is absolutely stunning. I love love love her.

  2. Sorry, the spelling of the first name is RUKAIYAH not Rakaiyah.

  3. Wowww,my friend God is on ur doubt abt dis,uv made it big in dis field of acting.JƱڪτ̲̅ kip rolling n b gud.kisses

  4. I luv ur acting, u r real n u r good @ wat u do, keep it up dear

  5. Thank you so much people you can't imagine how wonderful your comments make me feel

  6. Sheyi, write me a touching story and I will sponsor it

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    2. Nice one, Sheyi lucky u!

  7. she's trying, especially in fifehanmin, sheyi u r too much dear

  8. i really love you...
    and your movies are very educative and interesting...
    n i love your humble-ness