Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Aisha oladuuni is an upcoming actress who i admired so much,she is one of the few who knows what she is doing,on her own she has 3 interesting movies which are interesting and one can always hold on to as a movie.
She is interesting,beautiful and hardworking lady..

Lawal Aishat Oladunni

Educational background?
I attended Adeen International school,FGC Ogbomoso for my Secondary and graduated from faculty of Law LCU,Ibadan.

How did you get involved in Acting?
I started acting right from the stage before moving to the screen. I obtained a form from J15 SOPA for my Vocational course in my final year in sch,and that was how the interest really developed fully.

Have you any other talent aside acting?
Oh yes,Enough sef,lolz, Am into Interior nd Exterior Decorations,Catering,cake making,Beads making etc.

What was your first film like?
My 1st movie was Ami Agbara(Sign of Power),it was cool but if am given a 2nd chance now,it will be very much better.

Tell me about an area in which you would like to improve as an actor?
All areas ooo,because acting is make believe so one has to keep improving in all areas most especially the facial expressions.

Which has been your favorite character that you have performed?
The role of a village(local) girl who was married to Sanyeri,am sure you can imagine.

Have you produced any movie?
Yes I have produced Three Movies so far,(Ami Agbara, Irugbin,Etan)To God be the glory.

When is the movie coming out?
Ami agbara is out already,Irugbin wil be out in November and Etan early nextyear
Insha Allahu

How do you think we can improve on our story lines?
By always going through the exercise of good and solid script conference with Intelligent people

What do you think about the way movies are produced here in naija,like
new movies every week?
I think its absurd, at the same time the rate at which piracy is hitting into our markets has affected the production of standard movies,So mostly substandard movies are being produced so even if they run at loss,the capital is not too heavy.

Where do you get your inspirations from?
The Society itself,Our Environments.

What makes you stands out?
Hard work,Focus and Hope.

What have you learned from your senior actors?
To always be Humble and Respectful.

From where have you learned acting?
J15 School of Performing Arts(a Femi Adebayo concept)

What has been your biggest achievement in the field of acting?

Mention about any special recognition or award that you have received
for your acting skills?
Non for now,though there have been nominations.

What kind of roles do you prefer?
As a good and fantastic Actor,there should be no preferred role,Versatility should be the key.

People often say our actors and actress dont do exercises,dont workout,what can you say about this?
That's not true,they do lots of exercises nd workout,but the fact remains that we r Africentric in nature,so we do not need to imbibe the western culture by starving ourselves in order to wear size 2.

You have not done any English movie,why?
I have featured in some English movies(Soap,Sitcom,Ghana movies too)though not much.

Give me a few tips to be a successful actor?
Rehearsals and Practice

Speechless(So help us God)

Advice for fellow upcoming actors.
Humble and Respect