Thursday, 4 October 2012


THA SUSPECT, multi talented artiste,sound engineer,producer,interesting dude,jovial,never a dull moment with this dude,one of my favourite artiste.

What's your name?
David Peter

Seven kids, i'm the 4th Child

Do music runs in the blood?
Music Doesn't Run in our Blood (The Peters),Purpose Does

Your first stage name?
Little David

Why the name THA SUSPECT?
Every Nigerian is a Suspect,I'm Just Their FlagBearer

How will you describe you kind of music?
My Kind of music is very Provocative,Real Life issues and Straight 
up to the point.

As a child growing up,what kind of music do u listened to?
I Listened to Protest Music,Live Music,Well Thought out 
Compositions...Pretty much good music.

Where do you get your inspirations from?
I get my Inspiration(s) from Eledumare,The Nigerian Police and 
everyday life.

What label are you signed on to?
I'm a Partner at CAPitalHill Music

How many albums do you have?
One Album (I AM Music)

You have a lot of collabos,how was it like working with all this artistes?
Well, its  always stressful considering time factors and the fact i 
get to be present in all the sessions and make sure everything goes 
exactly the way i want them.

Your favourite collabos of all time?
"I No Send You" Feat Wyclef &Naija Various Artistes

You are one of naija's best producer,how did you start producing?
I started in Secondary School. Never used to be an 
instrumentalist,just dictated the notes and chords i wanted but when i 
couldn't get them to undertsand what i had in my head, i started 
fiddling with the Keys myself

What is the favorite song you ever wrote and what inspire the song?
"Subsidy (freestyle)" is one of my Favourite songs and it wasn't 
written, i just jumped into Vocal Booth and started Ranting.The 
situation of the country as at that period inspired it.

How do you combine being a producer and an artiste?
For Me,They go hand in hand cos it completes me(Very Tiring 

What was it like when you produced a song for Sound Sultan and Wyclef then?
I did Not Produce "King Of My Country" o, Jay Sleek did. I was 
just in charge of engineering the Remix Session with Wyclef.

What is the relationship with you and Clarence peters?
The relationship between Clarence and i is simple...He's a 
GOAT and am a COW.

People see you as an artsite who is not shy to come out and say it as it is,like rugged man,you speak for the shoemakers,mechanics,why?
I make Music based on what i feel and how best the message 
should be passed across, undiluted.

Your opinion about the naija music scene?
Its a Happening Scene that can be better.

Your opinion about Alaba Market?
Alaba is just a Reflection of the Nigerian Government.

When is your new album dropping?W
I don't know yet there's so much to handle at CAPital/Goretti 
Company right now, i'm not keen on dropping any album yet.

Who are you looking forward to working with again?

How do you cope with your female fans?
I treat my female fans the way they want to be treated.The way 
they present themselves.

Tell about the knicker jeans and lollipop?
I wear shorts for fertility reasons....Skinny jeans don't Fit,every 
man needs Air the Blockos.

How do you relax?
I used just go out and play soccer in the hood but now there's so 
much to do these days, i just watch a little bit of movies and "twitter" 

Tha suspect in one word?
 I am Taken..

Two awards and some lousy nominations

Your take on royalties?
Proper Royalties cannot be implemented in the present Nigeria,a 
lot of things need to be put in place first.

. Blatant Piracy is a Reflection of our Government....Open 
market for anybody
Words for your fans
Thank You for Supporting a 'MadMan', we are the same.

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