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Tesleem is one dude i respect so much,i met him through my very own kween onokala"watchout for her interview too"he is humble and a force to be reckon with in the nearest future in the naija music scene,he can rap in hausa,yoruba and can also sing,he is one talent you guys should watchout for.

I bring you TESLEEM.

What is your name?

School background?
Am a graduate of Geology, I finished from bayero University kano in 2003 and served in Jigawa in 2004.

Music background?
Have always love music since when I was small but venture fully into it in 1996, immediately after my secondary education. I created a group then called D.M.C which means Dark men crew and we won lot of awards as a group in Kano state and on campus. I then went solo in 2004.

Do you play any instrument?
Am learning how to play the keyboard but I play the talking drum a little.

How do you describe your music?
I called my music, AFRO CENTRIC hip-hop because focus more on the norms and value of Africa as a whole.

What's your first experience like a child in music?
Like every other artiste, I was a bit nervous on my 1st time in the studio but have always loved it..I had a sleepless night hoping it will be morning so I can hit the studio.
Who do you listened to growing up?
I listened to a lot of Nigerian fuji and juju acts like King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, Barrister etc I listened to bob marley, Ice cube, LL cool J too..

What was the first song you ever sang?
My first ever song an HIV\AIDS song in 1998 titled "AIDS is real".

When did you discover you want to sing?
Have always have the passion of singing since when I was small but my mum don't like the idea. I had my first radio interview when I was 15 years and my first music program show on TV as a host "metal music" when I was 18 years.

What makes you stand out among your peers?
I think its the ability to be able to rap in English, pigin, hausa and yoruba
I can sing and rap over ANY instrumental, always come up with great concepts and to crown it up, I don't DRINK nor SMOKE.
How many albums do you have?
Am still working on my first debut album but have several singles.

What was the first song you ever wrote?
My first studio song when I was in a group are "AIDS is real" and "Mai jan riga"
My first studio song when i left the group was "Proud to be Afican" featuring medeena and also was my 1st ever video before Great GOD.

What other talents do you have aside singing?
I do promote artiste, I manage artiste, I own a clothline and a record label, am into fashion and movies too.

How do you feel been an ambassador?
Am great and now i can do more for this country and my northern people as a whole. Am now a northern youth ambassador for peace which was bestowed on my for my humanitarian services in the north.

I know you have so many collabos, which do you love the most?
Wow. All the collabos I did, I so much love them all. I love "Ah bii di" which I did with my brother Kool kid, I love "wata waka" which I did with my sister, Snypa, I love the one I did with Obesere too..

What is your dream colabo?

Am working on a song with Olu maintain and Bigiano titled "street boi"
Am working with Edris Abdulkareem and YQ
But my dream colabo will be with 2face, Dbang, 9ice, Asa, wizkid, JayZ, Nikki Minaj and Eminem

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Am very inspirational and emotional so I got inspired by my environment and the people around

What as being you strong influence to continue singing?
The strong love I have for music kept me going

Your opinion about the naija music scene?
Its like a fast moving train. If you don't catch up u might be lost out

Any awards or nominations so far?
My video "Great GOD" was nominated in the 2008 NMVA but I lost it to Ruggedman
I also won some couple of norther recognition award.

How is your new single WORD OF MOUTH doing?
I give GOD the glory, "word of mout" is moving in a fast pace, I have more than 50,000 downloads in over 40 online music sites and blogs. I feel so great that a freestyle could go this far and am working on the video soonest.

Tell us about your clothing line?
I have a clothline called 24 10 wears and the first set of shirts out of the stable is called MALLAM NO BE MUMU..MNBM is a northern initiative which is aim to stop or reduce the rate of bombing and killing in the north
We hausas were always called mumu, so the shirts stands for the facts that if WE don't wanna be called mumu, we should reduce the rate of illiteracy among the norther youth
There will be a mass rally in the north later this year which will also involve top northern rich men and notable personnels.

How do you relax?
Since I don't drink nor smoke, I don't always go to clubs so I relax mostly at home watching movies, I love horror movies, animation, thriller and action. Am a movie freak.

What was the most interesting comment you got from a female fans?
Laugh!!! I got this text massage from a female fan saying "I love you so much, I want us to date and mind you, I don't take NO for an answer".

Piracy is eating deep into our entertainment industry, the only way we artiste get money is from shows and endorsement. I wish I can wake up tomorrow and hear over the news that piracy has been curbed out.

Words for your fans.
I don't always called them "fans", I called them my FAMILY
Hold n strong to your faith, believe in yourself, be prayerful, respect your parents, be humble and always remember, "its impossible when you stop thinking about it".

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