Thursday, 9 August 2012


 I met this two ladies way back at charlie boy's video with my very good friend suzzie a very good dancer too, carphiee and krazzie katt  performance in that video was amazing and since then i have kept them in my mind,calm and interesting characters to be with,its amazing how many A list artiste they have worked with,faze,tuface,dammy krane,charlie boi,the list goes on,and also different shows they have performed in.
These two ladies are the future of naija dance group.they currently being managed by clarence peters.

Can we get to know you,your names?
Azeez Kafayat Folake Badmus AKA Carphiee
Begusa Omobola Caroline AKA krazzie Katt

School backgorund?
Carphiee           ;       Command Children School Charity Oshodi.
                                Command Day Secondary School Charity Oshodi.
 Krazzie katt    ;        Our lady of apostles private school yaba.
                                Methodist Girls High School sabo yaba.

How long have you been dancing?
Carphiee ;      Right from my mum's womb lol....but professionally 4yrs
Krazzie katt ;  Right from childhood....but professionally 5yrs

What got you into dancing?
carphiee     ;   Ceriously I really dnt,its what i want to do,God's talent
krazzie katt ;   God's talent and we have to make use of it.

First time on stage?
Carphiee     ;  i was 18, an Indian show at Ikoyi club
Krazzie katt ;  i was 18, Dynamix Award d year 9ice sang Gongo Aso.

What was the reaction of your parents when you started dancing?
Carphiee    ; Hahaha MY MUM DISAGREED!! Trust me it wasn't easy,I had to prove myself to her that dance is what i want to do,and with time she gave her approval.
Krazzie katt ;My Mum was cool with it,she is my number one fan and always got my back in what ever i do,I LOVE YOU MUM.

Why do you love to dance?
Carphiee      ; Because  I have passion for it,its my life,my everything.
Krazzie katt  ;Just like my carphiee its our live,we derive happiness,joy from it.

What kind of emotions do you feel/give off when you dance?
Carphiee       ;  Happines, infact I cant explain it.
Krazzie katt  ;  I smile each time i have the opportunity to dance and am always happy doing it.

Do you hope to inspire others to dance too?
Carphiee     ; Sure,people inspire me too and i also want to inspire people tell them that with dance you can make something out of it.
Krazzie katt ; I am inspired by some dancers too and its only going to be right if i do the same.

Your first take home pay was how much?
Carphiee      ; Funny ooo 5000 thousand naira only...
Krazzie katt  ; Mine was even more i got big 8000 naira only...

What keeps you from not quitting dance, in other words: what inspires you to keep on dancing?
Carphiee       ; The passion,the happiness i get from it,like i said earlier,my life, my world, my everything.
Krazzie katt  ; I share the same opinion with carphiee,its our life,i wish i can describe what i feel like when am doing it.

Do you have any dancer role models?
Carphiee      ; Got alot i cant just start naming them ooo.
Krazzie katt ; Huhhhh i think i like most naija dancers because i get to learn one or two things from them.

How many video have u appeared in?
Carphiee      ; More than 20videos with A list naija artiste.
Krazzie katt ; Mine is more than that like 25 with A list naija artiste too.

How many shows have you appeared in?
Carphiee and Krazzie katt ; We do like shows every weekend.

Your favorite video so far?
Craphiee       ;  Almost all the videos i have appeared in.
Krazzie katt   ; I love the new one i just did with dammy krane watch out for it,and some other too.

How do you relax?
Carphiee      ;   Movies most times.
Krazzie katt ;   Movies and movies.

People see dancers as not too important part of entertainment industry,what is your reactions to that?
Carphiee       ;We are changing that now,no show is complete without us this days gba beee.
 Krazzie katt ; We are becoming the backbone of the industry ooo,we do every show this days.

Your favorite music and movie act?
Carphiee ;       Toni braxton,Sade Adu,Sean paul,Trey songz,Rihanna
Krazzie katt ;  Neyo,Loyd Banks,Rihanna

Most embarrasing moments?
Carphiee ; Have got two...mhahahahaha!(CiTRON ENERGY DRINK SHOW @CLUB 10) that day the Dj played the wrong cd, I gave him two cds during soundcheck(one for rehearsal and the other for performance) so he played the one for rehearsal during soundcheck and forgot to take it out and insert d one for show time they called us(myself,Bola,Ralph,Anita,
Bukky)hehehe in the middle of the performance our CD SCRATCHED!! The Dj played again like 3 diff times samething happend GOD!!! Infront of a lot of people chai!!!........
The 2nd one was performing on stage with FAZE(Star Mega Jamz Abuja)I did air split and the air splited my short infront of uncountable people lmao! M sure you all know what happened next! That day wasn't funny,I left d stage sha...
Krazzie katt ; Same with carphiee ooo,that day eeehen,i nearly cried,but its one of those things nw.

Advances from guys?
Carphiee ; lolz alot ooo,but its part of our job,we handle it well.
Krazzie katt ; We love you guys...


  1. D last question; its part of ur job ke? LoL. How do u handle them? LoL

  2. Sweeries, kp up d gd job...comin for autograph soon, hehehe....Boma loves ya

  3. Gud job lovelies!keep d fire burning!