Friday, 10 August 2012


Laura Ikeji,I am very sure the name rings a bell,she is the younger sister of Linda Ikeji the popular blogger. Laura, is a dance instructor,a designer and a reality show star.She featured in a Tv reality show that is coming to you television screen soon,GIDI GIRLS.
She is hard working and knows what she wants and always willing to help.

Tell us about you?
I'm Laura Ikeji, a personal fitness trainer, Dance teacher, a designer and soon to be a reality star. Hehe.

Grew up in a family of 9 and I'm the 5th of 7children. Attended Lagos Anglican girls pry schoool then Lagos Anglican Girls Grammar school later proceeded to the university of Lagos where I Studied psychology.

What is it like being a dance teacher?
As a dance teacher, i am always very happy teaching people how to dance and  i derive great pleasure from doing it. 

What do you think about naija dancers?
Naija dancers can compete anywhere in d world. They re really good.

Tell us about your fashion line?
Its called Skin Kandy Lagos. Its a bottom line for ladies. Skirts,shorts and pants done with African prints.

Do you design and sew?
I just design, my Taylor does the rest.

Where do you get your inspiraion from?

How has patronage being like since you started?
Its has being good,but can be better with time.

What kind of materials do you use for ur design?
African prints. Ankara

Do you feel overshadowed by your sister linda ikeji?
No, why should I be thou. She's hot, I'm hot, she's rich, I hold my side too, hahahahah.. She successful, I'm working hard. She's Linda, I'm Laura. We re two different people.

What is your relationship with her?
Relationship is good. We re sisters and close.

What do you think about blogging?
Nop. Not interested. I'm all over the place.

How do you relax?
I dance. Dance almost everyday. Its my drug.

What other talent do you have aside dancing and designing?
I sing too. I used to have singles o. But wasn't good enough for radio. Hahahahahha

Do you love to have an album or do a movie someday?
I'm working on a mini documentary about university girls in lagos. And I'm in a reality show in works called gidi girls.. Hopefully everything would happen this Year.

What do you think about naija fashion industry?
We re first class, we dress to impress.

What about the entertainment industry generally?
The industry is growing. We are getting there, and very fast too.

Who is the lucky guy?
 Haa. Lol.. Is he really lucky? He's fine and chilling.

Laura ikeji one word?

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