Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Coco real name Nene Udensi is the next big thing when its comes to pop in naija,she is beautiful,fun to be with and hardworking.
We had this chat about her life,music and some other interesting things about her music.

What is your name?
My name is Nene Udensi and am also known as COCO aka the lady of songs.

I hail from Abia State.

Why music?
Because its my first love and what I see myself doing despite the fact that I'm a political science graduate.

The reaction of your parents when you decided to start music?
They were happy and they supported me.

How will you describe you kind of music?
Basically I do pop and r'n'b music with some african fusion on them to make it groovy.

As a child growing up,what kind of music do u listened to?
Growing up was great and I grew up listening to a lot of music but especially from the likes of Brandy,TLC,Salt'n'Pepa etc.

What was the first song you ever wrote?
Its my debut single titled "Gidigba"

Tell us about your new single?
Its a love-ballad pop song with african percussions on it which made it sound like what I can call afro-pop and its titled "My Heart"

And the album?
Currently the album is in the pipeline as I'm still working on it, so asap you guys will know about it.

When did you realised you wanted to pursue music?
Ever since I was a kid, music has always been my thing and I'm that kinda person that wanna have impact on people's life through music.

Who are the people you working with?
I've worked with Vector on my second single Emi Gan Gan and I'm still going to work with a lot of people but for now let's see how it goes.

Your favorite nigerian song?
Its definitely going to be "My Heart" by my favorite musician "COCO"

How was your first stage performance like?
To think of it, I wasn't nervous and It was great, reception was good.

How much creative control do you have over your music?
I'm the singer and most of the time I'm the songwriter and I have like a sound I wanna hear everytime there's a song for me to work on, so let's say like 101 percent.

As a lady,how do you cope with obstacles?
Mehn its not easy, in this kinda country and industry we are....ol'boy I try my best and leave the rest to God.

Aside music,what else do you have interest in?
This will shock you! Aside music what I have a thing for again is music.

What record label are you signed on to?
Presently I'm independent, so big labels are free to approach me oh Lol.

Your opinion about the naija music scene?
I just have one word for it..... CRAZY.

Your take about naija songs?
We are not there yet, but we are improving and its growing sha, even though some songs are not really worth listening to, you know what I mean Lol.

Mehn Its just God that can make it disappear, we can only try our best.

Words for your fans
I love you all and I'll never disappoint you guys!
I'll always remain COCO the lady of songs and I'll always work hard to make great music.
Y'all can reach follow me on my twitter page @COCO_LadyOfSong and on facebook fan page: COCO.
I love you all thanks for all the support and God bless .

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