Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Jboey is the next rated naija artiste making waves,this dude is surely going to give davido,wizzy a run for there money soon,watch out for this dude.....
Full names? 
Akere Moshood Junior 

Educational background?
Student of North american University BENIN REP there I study computer science am and in my 2nd year .

What type of music do you play?
Am a soloist and a hiphop singer mostly a freestyle artiste .

Tell us the brief history of your music?
Yea yea my kinda music life is very cool I just like to think and sing about what's happening around sing what would make our youths reason and lively.

Who are your musical and non-musical influences?
My musical influences are, star boy tunes, my main man, snazzb boy wizkid. My non-musical influences is pasuma.

What are the challenges you face as an upcoming artiste?
hmnm....challenges as an upcoming artiste really I don't really face lots of challenges but mainly there's always gonna be a pay for fame cus its always not cool wen u Entertaining the audience that don't really no ur song. But thanks to my Manager(marvin) N my producer (akaysounds) there are making things kinda easy for me. 

Most people says music runs in the family,what about you?
 Music its not really a family thing, I just saw I was very good in singing I had the voice and lyrics and wow here it comes wen I recorded my 1st singles pple loved it ............*smiles*
Who writes your songs?
Tell us about ur hit single UNI GIRLS... All my song are composed and written by me except one I featured someone but mostly I really freestyles and most of my things when I get my inspiration I write them down.......and yea My hit singles UNI-GIRLS wow madt jam of destiny its mainly a Hip Hop song dat any normal human would love.

How about the video? 
Yea sure my Video is really loading, maybe in the next 2 months by EGO FIX
Where do you get inspirations from? 
I get my inspirations from my musical influences, and I listen to different kind of songs that inspire me too. 

What's your opinion of naija music scene?
About naija music, the entertainment industry is doing well.

When is your album coming out?
Working on some songs, can't assure about any album now.

Any dream collabos?
Yo! Will love to work with wizkid and 2baba

Your favorite songs of all time? 

Any other talent aside music?
Yes I dance.

What do you think about downloading music online?
Wow cool that's another great way of passing your song around, its very cool

What advice would you give to fellow upcoming artiste?
My advice to the upcoming artiste is that they should never give up there dreams .They should have it in mind that they can make it .When you strive and work hard, your dreams will never be wasted. That is my advice to the upcoming artiste.

How does music affect you and the world around you?
Music is one thing that I love, and it's something that lives inside of me and I can do without it. 
Any international recording deals?
Nope not any for now but working on something big..

Words for your fans...
I love you guys and I promise ya'll I will always Be me