Tuesday, 21 May 2013


M Marshal is the son of the great fuji musician KWAM 1,talented and business mogul who is based in toronto,canada,a friend and an hardworking guy who knows what he wants...
Full names?
Mustapha Adetunji Ayinde-Marshal (m’marshal)

Educational background?
Graduate of York university in Toronto , canada

What type of music do you play?
Hip hop

Tell us the brief history of your music?
My music is just an outlet where i tell my story, so i can relate with my fans. I started far back in high school ( Apata memorial, lagos ), then i use to mime and i was the jarule of my high school, you can ask anyone present at that time. The difference with now is that i actually write, rap and perform my own songs. So many ups and down along the way but finally i'm here and i give glory to the lord for that.

Who are your musical and non-musical influences?
Malcolm x, Martin LUTHER King jr, Fela Anikulapo, 2pac, biggie, Nas, Jay-z, wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, ngugi wa thiongo and K1 the Ultimate (KWAM1)
Talking about your dad,KWAM 1,how do you feel being his son?
 My dad is a great man who feels education is the key to a brighter tomorrow and it’s an awesome feeling to be his son, considering that people will die to be around this man and he turns out to be my father. Sometimes i feel i don’t appreciate him enough, So i began to listen to what he says and his advice. He’s a great man.
What have you learnt from him musically?
To be hardworking and patient

Who writes your songs?
I do all the writing, even the chorus, but sometimes my producers would pen down the hook and i will just write my verse.
Where do you get inspirations from?
Things happening around me on a daily basis

What's your opinion of naija music scene?
It’s huge compared to what it used to be back in the days, but i know it can get better and it will get better. Nigerian music is the face of African music for now and soon it will be the face of the world, just watch.

When is your album coming out?
Next year insha Allah, even though we still recording because my team felt i needed to record more songs, so we can have many options, and not just one hit wonder without something to back that up. I’ve been working on this album for 7 years now and I’m feeling confident with what i have so far. The album will be an instant classic because i have different type of songs in there. I have songs for the ladies, i have party songs, i have struggling songs to relate with those struggling because we all can’t just talk about the fun part without taking a break and ta

Name of the album?

How many songs do you have in the album?
 I’m picking the best 16 out of 60 to 80 songs. If you leave that to me i will pick 19 but my team are doing a hell of a job to make sure we don’t bore the listeners

Any dream collabos?
I really want to work with ASA, but i ll have to wait for the next album because this album is packed already, but i guarantee you next album i will have her on board. I want to work with 2face, p square, 9ice and wiz kid.

Your favorite songs of all time?
 lol. BIG juicy, Nas- dance, 2pac – dear mama, jay-z- regrets

Any other talent aside music?
I’m a business man. I’m the founder/C.E.O/ managing director of Vibe tv, Thick Lic and Marshal Records. I have this unique gift from the lord and that’s being able to come up with beautiful ideas and making it work.

What do you think about downloading music online?
 I really think it’s not cool because the artist are not making nothing form their hard work and labour , and that’s the result of having a not well structured rules to help guide the artist work. Most of this artist won’t even get the chance to make another hit again, and not benefiting from the one they made is painful. The way artist make money in Nigeria is through shows and that’s if they turn out to make a hit record. There should be a rule that says all downloads should be paid for and the funds delivered to the artist songs got downloaded.

What's your outlook on the record industry today?
Record companies in America , Canada , and Uk are structured nicely and have the backing of the government because the government benefit from the record companies one way or the other. However, in Nigeria there’s no such thing as a Record industry because the marketers are the ones running it all. The marketers pay the artist and the record label, and now they control the outcome of the sales. The record industry is wrongly mounted in Nigeria and that’s one avenue Marshal Records is coming to change in our own unique way. We ll protect the sales of our records in our own unique way.
What advice would you give to fellow artiste?
Just put the lord first and continue to work hard.don't be afraid to fail because that's the only way you will get anything accomplished.

How does music affect you and the world around you?
Music is a stress reliever and has contributed to the growth I’ve experienced in my life. Song like 2pac- better days had me wishing for days like this because i really want it to happen. Now that I’m close, I’m still wishing for better days even if i see it coming. Thanks to the lord.
What's new in the recording of your music?
Yoruba rap. I have like 5 songs i rapped in Yoruba on the album and they are dope. My marketing manager jeri saliu actually urged me to do more of that but i think 5 is enough for now. So that’s new because I’m used to rapping in English

Any international recording deals?
My record company is an international record company because we are based in Canada but only operating in Nigeria.

That’s one thing the government needs to interfere in because the artist needs their support. There should be a rule on piracy and convictions to stop this heartless people from ripping what they dint sow and work for.

Words for your fans...
i really want to thank all my fans for their support over the years because they’ve been patient with me and inspiring me. I love them from the bottom of my heart because without them there’s no me. I want to urge them to continue to support m’marshal because we all are in this together, and i won’t let them down for one second. They’ve all made my dream come through and from the bottom of my heart i appreciate that. i love my fans so much because they are my better half. Thank you.