Thursday, 28 March 2013


Salamatu Atta is a beautiful and hard working lady who i met sometimes ago,friendly and easy going,she is the owner of sallys creations who is into creation of quality bags and shoes with ankara,this is a unique creation and also very creative..
Had this interview with her and you will love this chat..

Full names?
Salamatu Iliyasu Atta

Educational background?
Primary and Secondary in Kaduna State.B.Sc in Usman Danfodio University Sokoto.Presently doing my ACCA.

Tell us a little bit about you?I was born in Kaduna State,an indigene of Kogi State.was working in the banking sector but i left to face my business.

What gave birth to sallys creations?Well i have always had a flair for creativity.learnt to knit and braud hair at the age of seven(thanks to my mum).
i started with being a makeup artist but i now have a staff that handles that aspect Of my business,
Sallys Creations came into being January this year when i decided to go into making quality and unique shoes and bags full time..

And how has the journey being like?Allahamdullah the journey has being fair so far.

What is the response of people to all your creations?The response has been positive so far though there some sceptics out there.

How do you feel about this empowerment programme?For empowering the youths is something i take very serious.the rate of unemployment in this country is rising daily,
I beleive a graduate should be able empower him/herself in such a way that they wont be relying on job hunting to make ends meet,
Creativity comes from inspiration of the mind.if they can set their mund to it,d future is theirs to behold.

Where do you source materials?I source my materials locally.all gotten here in this great country of ours.

Any plan for cover the whole country with your creations?The whole country?yes definately but for now im just taking baby steps.

Where do you get inspirations from?I dont really have a particular source of inspiration.i get inspired by alot of things.
What do think the goverment can do to help young enterpreneur like you?I think the govt should work in conjuction with the appropriate bodies or ngos to organise youth empowerment programs for students and corpers alike,
with that as a young entrepreneur,i would have d opportunity to impact on the youths through such progams
What is the plan for the future?Plan for the future?to make Sallys Creations a household name.


  1. Woow,dis is so 9ce..buh she dint mention how we can get involvd if interestd

  2. So sorry about can contact us on how you can get involved by calling 08189717906.

  3. Great work sis keep doing it the almight ALLAH will surely see u thru am really intrested

  4. To me it's a great achievement to Africa and the world. Carry on Allahu SBW is ur guidance..

  5. To me it's a great achievement to Africa and the world. Carry on Allahu SBW is ur guidance..